The Supra Page

Ever since I was little I wanted a Toyota Supra...maybe it's the shape, maybe it's the power, maybe its just the flippy-up headlights! It has taken a long time but I've finally got one and she is everything I had hoped she would be. The Supra is a testament to Toyota that at the grand old age of fifteen, my car still turns heads in the street.

 Still a great looking car My Supra is a 1989 3.0i Turbo in factory black. I think that's the best colour for a Supra but I appreciate its a matter of personal taste. My car is absolutely standard in chassis and bodywork, even down to the original alloys, however this will be changing soon as I am planning a set of Fox alloys in the near future from Munster Tyres in Fulham.

Mean looking muthaThere are several things I would like to do to improve the car, but as usual, it's down to money. There is a bit of work needed on the bodywork and I would really like to have the interior leather repaired as years of bums sliding across them, combined with lack of care in her early years, means the upholstery is looking more than a little tired. The cost of replacing all the split panels is, regrettably, extortionate, so I shall have to wait for my lottery numbers to come up before I can justify these expenses.

The main reason I rave about my car is the sound system, built by my dear Dave. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears and an extraordinary amount of MDF but it was well worth it. Go to ICE for the full story.

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