The Spec Sheet Page

1989 Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo Spec Sheet
Engine : Standard 3.0i turbocharged(240 ish bhp)
Drive : Standard
Wheels ; Original (for now…)
2 x Pro Plus Titan 1000watt digital amps
1 x Pro Plus V500.4 600watt amp
4 x 6”x9” Pro Plus XO Series speakers
2x12” Pro Plus Tempest dual voice coil subs
2x15” Pro Plus Tempest dual voice coil subs
2x4” Pro Plus XO Series door speakers
2x1.5 Farad Autoleads capacitors
Sony M630 CD head unit
Kenwood KGC 9044 Graphic Equaliser
Head unit and EQ air-conditioned to prevent overheating
1x20” Pro Plus blue neon
2x12” Pro Plus blue neon
2x10” MaxPower flexi neons
Mr Happy
Tiny Clanger (it’s a girl thing)
Subs contained in custom made sealed boxes with Perspex lids.
Coming soon…
Under-body neons and more 6x9’s if we can find space
Big Respect
Car Doctor North Cheam (R.I.P)
Pro Plus Sound 01707 650140
Chris "Zimba" Baker for being a mate
And mainly
Dave for designing, wiring, woodwork, building and other techy stuff.

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