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Bass box under construction The blame for the outrageous ICE install in this car must be laid squarely at the foot of Chris "Zimba" Baker. It was his bad influence which made me decide to try to blast his Zetec Fiesta into the weeds and pack 32 speakers into the confined area of a Supra. I don't know how successful I was but as a consolation the Supra will always be faster!

Amps on show The sealed bass speaker box is the heart of the system. My dearly beloved Dave crafted a custom box from 18mm MDF that sits between the rear shocks and has a lip over the rear bulkhead for security and stability - there's nothing worse than two 12" speakers flying at your head in the event of an accident. The speakers are mounted in 18mm perspex to show off the beautiful magnets and baskets and the box is lit with a blue neon. There are also two 15" bass speakers which have individual sealed boxes, again with perspex lids and lit with blue neons. Due to the amount of space they take up I usually only hook them in for shows and cruises. Each set of bass speakers is powered by its own Pro-Plus Titan 1000watt digital amplifier which in turn have their own individual power cap. The speakers and amps can be found on the Pro-Plus Sounds website.

Seatback speakers To balance out the huge amount of bass, the boot area also has a pair of Pro-Plus 6"x9" three way speakers and a pair of 4" original Toyota speakers, that ironically sound better that my 4" Infinity speakers which I originally put in! There are a pair of 4" Pro-Plus speakers to replace the Toyota door speakers and last but not least a pair of 6"x9"s mounted in the back of the driver and passengers seats. Put some drum and bass on and get your own kidney massage! Dave is especially proud of the seat speakers as he managed to fit them without compromising the electric gubbins for the lumbar supports hidden in the drivers seat. The two pairs of 6"x9"s are amplified by a Pro-Plus 600watt V500.4 4-way amp.

Underneath all this power are miles of Autoleads cables cunningly hidden beneath the carpets and all ending up stuffed behind the dashboard. Tucked away is a Sony 10 CD changer linked to the head unit, a Sony Blacklight flip-front matched to a Kenwood amp. It's great having a standard double DIN fascia - no cutting chunks out of your dashboard! The full spec sheet can be viewed here.

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