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Pretty boyOur first pet arrived entirely by accident in 1996. One Saturday night in June, Dave and I were just getting ready to go to the pub (as you do) when he remembered something outside. I then heard him calling "Dear, what birds do you know that are green?" Naturally curious I went outside to find Dave with a small pale green budgerigar on the washing line! The poor little creature was obviously scared but seemed happy to jump on Daves finger and promptly ran up to sit on his shoulder. We had nowhere to put him but found a cage from our lodgers recently demised hamster. There he sat for a couple of days while we put notices up round the neighborhood stating we had found this bird. We decided to give him a name rather than calling him "the budgie" and decided the only thing we could call him was FOOTBALL, since if his owners claimed him we could say "Football's coming home". Think about it. Football has been with us for eight years now and has completely taken over! He talks a lot and his best friend at the moment is our new shiny kettle although he also has an on-off affair with my computer mouse....don't ask!

Pathetic, isn't it? Then came Guinness, from Battersea Dog's Home, 6 years ago. A stray who had been rehomed and returned due to destructive behaviour, he was irresistably drawn to Dave and they have been pretty much joined at the hip ever since. His mother was a loose woman but we think his heritage is German Shepherd and Labrador - he certainly eats like a Lab!

Dodgy second-hand dog... Guinness has certainly had his share of problems over the years, mainly when he lost all his claws to an auto-immune disease, but that has been managed and treated with Omega-3 supplements. He can't corner as well as most dogs due to his lack of traction but still enjoys chasing cats out of the garden! We also have to keep an eye on his skin since he does have a touch of dandruff, but what do you expect from a dog with no MoT?

Guarding is such hard workPuppy love

Guinness doesn't get to socialise with other dogs much but he does have two good friends, Pip and Daisy, who are West Highland Terriers. Daisy has a bit of a crush on Guinness and frequently sits at his feet batting her eyelashes at him. Guinness, being a typical bloke, has no idea how much she loves him....

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