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Get ahead of legislation! Dave and I are currently doing some major home improvements. Because of the sterling work he's doing I thought it would be a nice idea to post a few pictures and give potential DIYer's an idea of what is involved in a loft conversion. It must be stressed at this stage that Dave is a very experiences multi-skilled tradesman with Corgi and NIC registration, so don't assume that this project is easy! It's taken us three years and we still haven't finished!

Here's one we prepared earlierWe had to take the whole of the roof off from the rear elevation due to a previous bodged cowboy job done before we bought the house. The roof was leaking - we discovered this was because the loft had been roofed with one layer of chipboard and two layers of roofing felt. Suffice to say this was just the beginning of a very big can of worms. It took us about a year to rip out the rubbish and reconstruct the roof joists - this included ripping out the floorboards and jacking the very saggy purling back into position on acro's. We had a cathedral ceiling in the bathroom for a long time - it sounds glamorous but believe me it was just very draughty!

Good work by SharpsThank goodness we are now rebuilding the loft to Dave standards. The council are very hot on fire protection and we have spent over 1000 on fire resistant plasterboard alone. As we are making this into a well-specified room we have had Sharps install the bedroom furniture and we are just finishing off the en-suite shower room.

70 years of soot in the chimney had to be removed Dave has got the boiler room nearly finished, complete with its Baxi 130 condensating boiler. It's a super efficient technological masterpiece (apparently) and with the amount of insulation stuffed between the rafters we will be super-snug come wintertime. Because we are re-plumbing and re-wiring the whole house as we go, you can see from the picture on the right that the devastation is spreading!

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