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The Gooseneck at Cadwell Park I've had bikes ever since I was about 21 - not long after I left home, strangely enough! Over the years I have had various jobs riding bikes, from despatch riding (never again) to instructing, and have owned a wide variety of beasts, from a CB250 to a GSXR1100 (pictured). Up till recently my steed was a W reg Honda 600 Hornet and I couldn't fault it apart from the very short tank range. I would regularly pull into the petrol station miles before I got tired and/or my bum started aching! Although I didn't cover that many miles on the Hornet it was a great bike and perfect for commuting and sunny Sunday trundles. The Hornet was purchased new from Tippetts in Surbiton and Richard, Mike, Ken, Mary and the rest of the team have always been extremely helpful to me and the friends I have recommended them to.

Taller than it looks! Dave and I have decided, however, that road riding is losing its appeal. Speed cameras, enormous insurance costs and weekends of polishing just don't seem worth the effort any more, so we have taken a different route - the off road route! We have bought two Suzuki DR-Z 400's and have just started trail riding. The Suzukis were purchased from The Bike People in Doncaster. Why Doncaster? Because they offered me a very good deal, that's why! If you are interested in buying a bike from them click on the above link. I dealt with Brian Smith in Sales and although he's a complete nutter the whole deal went very smoothly.

A good afternoon out Although only a small number of Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT's) exist in Southern England, we have discovered that you don't need to cover a huge distance to have a huge laugh. I hasten to point out at this stage that I am a complete novice off road but I am enjoying myself immensely. I shall be posting pictures of me and my bike up to my armpits in mud very shortly...In the meantime Dave and I are compiling a list of Byways that we have tried. The list is expanding now but I'm still riding familiar trails in different weather conditions - usually wet! The scoring has been done by me so if you are an experienced off-roader you'll think I'm a complete wuss. Guilty as charged!!! Click here for the latest list.

Dave came off shortly after this!

There is currently a huge threat to motorcyclists access to BOAT's - also known as green lanes. To help prevent us being legislated off the face off the earth contact The BMF who are at the forefront of the campaign to keep BOAT's open.

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